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GNU Taler

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GNU Taler
GNU Taler logo 2020.svg
Developer(s)Christian Grothoff and Florian Dold
TypeMicrotransaction and electronic payment
LicenseGNU General Public License

GNU Taler is a free software-based microtransaction and electronic payment system.[1][2] The project is led by Florian Dold and Christian Grothoff[3] of Taler Systems SA. Taler is short for the "Taxable Anonymous Libre Economic Reserves"[4][5] and alludes to the Taler coins in Germany during the Early Modern period. It has vocal support from GNU Project founder Richard Stallman.[6] Stallman has described the program as "designed to be anonymous for the payer, but payees are always identified."[7] In a paper published in Security, Privacy, and Applied Cryptography Engineering, GNU Taler is described as meeting ethical considerations - the paying customer is anonymous while the merchant is identified and taxable.[8][9] An implementation is provided by Taler Systems SA.[10][11]

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